Dating someone with child

dating someone with child

I'll admit it, dear reader: I have a very sordid dating history. I'm closing in on 30 and while I have never been married, I have been in enough.
I never imagined myself dating someone who had a child from a previous relationship—not that I was against it but it just didn't cross my mind.
Ruwa Sabbagh, a registered psychologist, suggests you ask yourself the following five questions before dating someone who has children and....

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Know your personality type and find your perfect partner for life. Sign of genuine partner material. I don't want kids, much less somebody else's. My heart sank in that moment. Planning dates is a whole lot harder, it's harder to get some privacy, and you are not going to be the biggest priority, the kid will almost always come first. You'll also learn that people with kids tend to hang out with other people that have kids, so the people you spend time with will change over time. When you're dating someone who is raising a child with an ex-partner, you need to realize that their relationship is not like a breakup where they never have to see each other again.

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Someone who can date with confidence is very attractive. His kids have a mother, and they might worry about being disloyal to her if they like you. His kids will surprise you. In fact, my ex and I broke up because she changed her mind and wanted kids.

dating someone with child

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