Forum truck driver book legal question

forum truck driver book legal question

These CDL practice questions are from our High Road Training Program, a CDL test preparation course designed to help you learn the CDL manual. duty is required, taking a break longer than 30 minutes (as in this case) is perfectly legal. .. Program; The High Road Article Series; The Friendliest Trucker's Forum Ever!.
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According to, this is the best visa option for truck drivers. Hiring an immigration lawyer will help you get answers to all of your questions, plus it will . You can book an appointment by calling us at or online at .. FAQs · Immigration Forum · Video Learning Center · VisaPlace Blog · Get an..

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According to USCIS , once your potential employer has done their part, you need to apply for a visa or admission with the U. Regards, Muga I am working in canada as truck driver. The job must also offer payment equal to the prevailing wage for truck drivers where the company is located. If you plan on working, then you will need a work visa. I do and DOT has never questioned me on it. Is my maintenance fund considered an escrow fund?

Without the sponsorship of a US company, you will not be able to acquire a work visa to work in the US. CAN A DRIVER DRIVE DURING ON DUTY TIME IN CITY WORK? Another was Movin' Onstarring Claude Akins and Frank Converse. He was laid off because of it and now has to find another job. Subsequent to the measure it became extremely difficult for truck drivers to engage in drug abuse and remain undetected. Regards, Muga I have a job offer as truck driver in US. Please, complete this form for me gallery photos michele glee poster is just a quick and easy way for me to learn more details about you and your situation so that I will be able to advise you accurately and determine the best avenue for us to take to forum truck driver book legal question you the best legal advice. Media Center Forum members. But remember you may be exempt from filling out a logbook at the time of a DOT inspection, but the company is never exempt from the hours of always need some kind of proof, maybe that is why your company is requesting that you fill out a log book. Sign in with your credentials below. Regards, Muga Hi, i am an indian origin and looking for job in trucking business what kind of visa is required for me to work there in US. No, create an account. Who is the lessor and who is the lessee? Just wondering if this is a local interpetation or the law acually states that it must be on the drivers printer? Am I able to somehow transfer my company to the US? Base rates either compensate drivers by the mile or by the load.

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If you keep your log book current you would NOT need the time to catch it up. Most truck drivers are employed as over-the-road drivers, meaning they are hired to drive long distances from the place of pickup to the place of delivery. If you write starting and ending point and it's the same then DOT woukd look at it as local work having never lwft the origin city. Denied Entry to US? Drivers of trucks towing flatbed trailers are responsible for securing and strapping down their cargo which often involves climbing onto the cargo itself , and if the load requires tarping necessitates climbing on the load to spread out tarps. You must have the option of obtaining necessary equipment or services from an outside source. My status in Canada is Citizen and i like to get the permanent immigration in Usa.