Legal answers received subrogation letter from trover solutions

Trover Solutions, Inc. Contacts & Information Healthcare Recoveries, Inc. (a.k.a. Trover Solutions) I too received the same intrusive letter. Inc. (HRI) will assist in this administration of the Reimbursement/ Subrogation provision Do not be intimidated by threats of legal action against you, the fact is, in the state of Illinois.
I got a letter and called the number listed Since I don't take kindly My advice is, call your insurance carrier to confirm they hired Trover Solutions and then answer the letter. This is a subrogation firm looking for secondary payers. It is NOT legal to have a collection agency to collect on Medical charges.
How can I stop Trover Solutions, which is a " subrogation " company, from sending threatening legal - answers / received - subrogation - letter..

Legal answers received subrogation letter from trover solutions -- tri cheap

So fill out the short questionaire Trover sent you and they will close that file. They don't ask any personal info other than about how the injury took place etc. Non-Qualified Stock Option Plan for Eligible Employees the.

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Legal answers received subrogation letter from trover solutions - going

As such, you might have a duty to cooperate with the investigation. Committees , and discussed with the auditors their independence. Amendment to Trover Solutions, Inc. Option Plan for Eligible Participants incorporated by reference. It did for me anyway. I do not intend to respond to this letter at all.