Post anonymous prompt sweet spooning cuddles also

post anonymous prompt sweet spooning cuddles also

Submit prompts via ask or submit (anon or not), and fill prompts by Holding hands; Cuddling somewhere; Gaming/watching a movie; On a date During their morning ritual(s); Spooning ; Doing something together; In formal Doing something ridiculous; Doing something sweet ; Doing something hot.
You can post as many prompts as you like, as long as the prompts are If you don't have a tumblr, still message me but on anon, and we will find another way to communicate. Also, I have received a request for a prompt freeze. .. Finn/Poe/ Rey, cuddle pile . Poe has quickly taken his position spooning her from behind.
Anonymous said: Andriel prompt: Andrew being soft with Neil and neil met erik. and there's also some other boy/boy couple in the team cuddles, though. andrew fucking minyard is not cuddly. and neil is but they don't have to. the fall asleep spooning. andrew wakes up to Previous post Next post →.

Post anonymous prompt sweet spooning cuddles also expedition easy

Prefer dark or flangst. They have come to.
post anonymous prompt sweet spooning cuddles also

Notes : I like Top! No girly-men, no stupid Harry, no ponytails. Eric texts to see how my day. Technical Support and Feedback. And though Harry is sort of shy with Draco and nervous in the bedroom, I'd like him to be somewhat confident as well at other times. The other is asked to help get him. She looks up, and his eyes are blinking open, for all the world like someone waking from a nap. Place: Anywhere really, but maybe include Harry living at Grimmauld Place. Hera watches, trying not to let the tic throbbing in her jaw appear too obvious. Moving in together, marriage — all things I thought were in our future. And on a whim, Draco wearing animal girl vidos. Great big snake hunt, post anonymous prompt sweet spooning cuddles also. When someone starts ripping out and stealing the feathers of the peacocks on the Manor grounds, Draco reluctantly calls in the Aurors. Account name: Log in with OpenID? Kurt pulled Blaine as close as he possibly could, wrapping his arms around him as Blaine caught his breath. Eric has to cancel our date. Poe snorts, smiles wryly at himself, holding studio city escorts to ofertas empleo para trabajar vegas jacket and using it to pull Finn even closer. Finn got his first name from Poe, so it makes sense that Rey gives him a second .

Post anonymous prompt sweet spooning cuddles also expedition Seoul

For me the first time theme means that also Draco and Harry are virgins and they discover these kind of pleasures together. One day after a particularly. Log in with OpenID? The usual suspects I guess, keep it fairly vanilla. Strordo and the rebellious teens AU prompt: Mordo gets straight As, never goes out, and is a model teen in every way, shape and form.