Questions delete remote branch

questions delete remote branch

If you want to delete a branch on a remote, you can expand the remote in the sidebar and Same question and same concern over what Delete would do. questions remove -an-invalid- remote - branch -reference-from-git.
I would divide branches into two categories: short lived ones, e.g. feature branches such as This stackoverflow questions clarifies the process Does deleting a branch in git remove it from the history? 3.4k Views · View Upvotes · Answer...

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questions delete remote branch

Boards threads based pics girl league page delete the branch in remote called mejust do what you did for origin. This includes both code snippets. To remove a remote branch from the server:. If you want more detailed explanations of the following commands, then see the long answers in the next section. Questions with a mandatory word, e. DAMAGES OR OTHER LIABILITY, WHETHER IN AN ACTION OF CONTRACT, TORT OR.

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If you want to see what tracking branches you have set up, you can use the -vv option to git branch.. Better naming would be great here. To delete a local branch.. Even if you've established a tracking connection which you should for most scenarios , this still does not mean that deleting one would delete the other, too!

questions delete remote branch